Catap Ariel


I am a newcomer from the Philippines, and have recently received my permanent resident visa to live here in Canada. While in the process of job hunting, my cousin told me about Interfaith Food Bank. I got interested. Since IFB is very accommodating, I tried to avail of its services and I was privileged to receive lots of food each time I come for my daily supplements. It was an amazing experience for me to see lots of food items being given away for free. There’s nothing like this in our country. I used to tell myself and my family back in the Philippines that Canada is the “land of plenty”.

I thank IFB for sustaining me with food in my time of adjustment and transition. When I finally found a job, after 1 month or so, I had already stopped going to IFB.

Recently, my wife and son came here (from the Philippines) to be with me. With them came added expenses which became difficult to manage, so I thought of repeating to them my experience before at IFB so that my wife could experience first-hand the story I used to share with her about IFB.

I thank IFB for helping newcomers like me and my family at least for a short time while we adjust to life in Canada and during the process of job hunting.

– Catap Ariel

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