New Pickup Truck 2017 – Melitz Foundation

New Pickup Truck 2017 – Melitz Foundation

Please join us in acknowledging the Melitz Foundation for donating our new pickup truck!  The Melitz Family connected with us to offer their used pickup truck, and also provided a new topper and decaling so we are able to use it for donation pickups and other errands.  In the attached photo, Menno and Gerdy Melitz are shown with the truck along with Danielle McIntyre, executive director and Neil Heaton, operations manager with Interfaith Food Bank.

This donation is a great reminder to think of Interfaith Food Bank prior to disposing anything of value – please review the attached public service announcement encouraging community members to think “Don’t Dump… Donate!”

There are many resources in our community just waiting for the right place to be put to work!

Many thanks,


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