SCiP Internship Available!

SCiP Internship Available!

Are you a student? Would you like to receive a $1000 bursary? Through the SCiP Internship Program, you can volunteer your skills and help with a project, and after completion will be eligible for $1000! We are hiring a SCiP student for Workplace Health and Safety Policy Manual Development. Check it out!

Interfaith Food Bank- Workplace Health and Safety Policy Manual Development

Created October 6, 2017

Link to the Mission:

Interfaith Food Bank is committed to recognizing the human dignity of those in need and providing food and access to services and resources generated from within our community.

To complement our Workplace Health and Safety Policy, Interfaith Food Bank will develop a Workplace Health and Safety Manual that will identify policies and procedures relating to food bank operations.  The Board of Directors has researched and developed policies, and we are now working to combine existing material from our Staff and Volunteer Handbook with other procedures required through legislation to comply with Occupational Health and Safety Standards.  The SCIP Intern will work with the Policy Committee and food bank staff to compile, draft, edit and finalize the WHS manual.


The successful applicant will:

  • Be pursuing a post-secondary degree.
  • Be self-motivated, detail-oriented; have the ability to organize information and people concisely and clearly.
  • Have experience with policy, procedure, editing, working with boards and/or committees.
  • Be an approachable individual, able to network with community members and organizations.

Time Commitment:

The successful applicant will complete the internship by the middle of June 2018.


  • Work together with the Policy Committee and food bank staff to coordinate meetings and identify content for the manual.
  • Development of health and safety procedures.
  • Use provided materials and resources to develop the Workplace Health and Safety Manual.
  • Present the completed WHS Manual to the Interfaith Food Bank Board of Directors.
  • Communicate regularly with the Policy Committee and food bank staff to ensure full participation and understanding of scope of project


The successful applicant will be responsible to the Policy Committee, and can communicate via email or telephone. The intern will be expected to attend committee meetings and check in regularly to report on progress made or challenges faced.



In addition to the bursary provided by Alberta Advanced Education and Technology, the successful applicant will gain knowledge about Workplace Health and Safety, create a tangible product to add to their portfolio, and gain experience working in a not for profit environment with a reputable organization; a valuable assets for any future employee.


The successful applicant will receive appropriate recognition of their efforts from the Policy Committee and Interfaith Food Bank Board of Directors, as well appropriate recognition as a volunteer of the organization.



Danielle McIntyre

Interfaith Food Bank Society of Lethbridge

1103 – 3rd Ave. North

Lethbridge AB  T1H 0H7

Phone:  403-320-8779



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