Stacy Joyce


My husband and I have used food bank services in the past when we were down on our luck, like when Convergys shut down and we needed food. Since then I have been out of work during two pregnancies. During each pregnancy, I used the food bank for monthly hampers, along with the Pregnancy Increases and Baby Bundles. Both of my children have benefitted from the Christmas Hampers and my oldest had his first Birthday (and soon second) Bundle.

We love the food bank for always being there for us. The professional, courteous and respectful food bank representatives always provide great service and make us feel okay about coming in and asking for help. The hampers are always filled with a collection of things for our family, along with a little love and kindness. We are thankful for everything the food bank has done for us, and will continue to do for us in the future.

– Stacy Joyce

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