Cor van Raay steps up to help.


Please join us in thanking local philanthropist Cor Van Raay for generously donating $100,000.00 to us in this time of Covid-19 Crisis. He encourages others with his words below. For more information see our attached Public Service Announcement.  PSA

“As I sat in my home and reflected on my past, I could not, in all concision, sit and listen about people in Lethbridge and community that have no homes, no jobs, and very little food. About 60 years ago, I was in the same situation.” Van Raay provided his thoughts in a handwritten letter that accompanied his cheque. Mr. Van Raay notes the importance of standing together right now: “I hope and pray that this contribution will help at least a few people who are less fortunate. We keep our Christmas lights on as a sign of hope. Maybe other people will join us!”







Pictured: Danielle McIntyre, Executive Director IFB and Cor Van Raay


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