Davis Oil Change is back!


As we are all aware there are many things that have had to change in
our world this past year. We must adapt and try to find ways to
continue some of the important traditions that we hold dear. Over the
past 25 years Davis GMC Buick with your help have helped fight
hunger in our community by raising over $200,000 in donations for our
local food bank with the annual Davis Free LOF Day. You, our
customers have made the donation to our food banks and we as Davis
GM have donated the labor, oil and the filter.
In order to keep our customers and staff safe this year we will be
offering a Free LOF voucher with a minimum donation of $100 to our
local food bank. As in years past you will get a tax receipt in the
amount of your donation. In turn you can bring in your vehicle for an
oil change anytime in December of 2020 until June 30, 2021 and pay
using your voucher. So instead of paying Davis GM from $65 – $120
for your oil change you will donate to the food bank and receive a
taxable benefit for your donation and receive the same great service
Davis has become known for.
The need for those less fortunate in our community has increased
throughout the pandemic, we hope that you can help us make a
difference in our community and help those in need.
To make a donation and receive your voucher, please feel free to
contact me or stop in at our Service department.
Your Friends at Davis GMC Buick

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