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About Target Hunger

Target Hunger is the annual food drive done every June, where volunteers collect donations from each household in town, requesting community members to donate the most wanted food items for our local food banks.

The Target Hunger Organizing Committee is hoping to involve as many citizens of Lethbridge in this initiative, and is hoping to connect with local community groups to encourage support for the project. We will be looking for help from community organizations to promote the City Wide Food Drive to their membership, and will also be looking for volunteers to help sort all of the food we collect on the day of the event. Whether your group is able to be actively involved in the food drive or willing to help us to get the word out, we can use your help!

Are you a youth group or service club leader? Or maybe you just want to help stop hunger in our community? Maybe you’re a business owner that’s looking for a way to give back? Whatever your circumstance is, we’re looking for YOU to be a part of the annual Target Hunger food drive that takes place on the second Saturday of June.

Looking to Volunteer

Have the bags out between Sunday June 6th and Friday 10th. The Route Volunteers will pick up the yellow bags from their assigned food bank and deliver these to the homes along your route. A vehicle is necessary for this position.
Sorting Volunteers will be placed at either the Interfaith or Lethbridge Food Bank for sorting.
This year we are asking residents in all multi-family dwellings, gated communities, and assisted living complexes in Lethbridge to help feed Lethbridge this summer. We are looking for champions in each of these multi family complexes to help us Feed Lethbridge this summer.

If you are interested in Volunteering, Click on the image to learn more.