Buy One, Give One

You can now support Interfaith Food Bank when you eat out!

In 2014, we formed a partnership with Mealshare, a registered Non-Profit Society that works collaboratively with partner restaurants allowing customers to provide a meal for someone in need just by purchasing a meal of their own while dining out. Read more here.

1. Find a Mealshare Partner in Your City

You can easily find a partner restaurant in your community by clicking on “Find a Mealshare Restaurant” on the Mealshare home page.

In Lethbridge, the current Mealshare Restaurants are:

Original Joe’s

Streatside Eatery


2. You Order a Meal

Look for the icon and order a Mealshare branded menu item. Enjoy your delicious meal just as normal, but now,


3. Mealshare Will Provide a Meal to Someone in Need

A meal will now be donated on your behalf to your community’s local charity partner (that’s us, Interfaith Food Bank), or internationally, through Save the Children.


Visit for more information.

Mealshare Partner Restaurants in Lethbridge: