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Target Hunger IT Intern

Target Hunger is one of our annual fundraisers, which enables all community members to easily make a donation to Lethbridge Food Bank and Interfaith Food Bank, our two local food banks in Lethbridge. The basic premise of the event is that volunteers deliver yellow bags to each residence in Lethbridge (during the week prior to the event), then on the second Saturday in June, the bags are collected and delivered to the food banks for sorting and eventual distribution. Information Technology Intern would be responsible for managing an online sign-up tool and website for volunteers to choose their desired routes and gather information for delivery of the yellow bags.



The successful applicant will:

  • Be pursuing a post-secondary degree.
  • Have knowledge and experience in web coding and graphic design
  • Have full understanding of HTML 5, JQuery, and WordPress
  • Be knowledgeable with Google Maps and redesigning area Maps
  • Be comfortable with all social media outlets


 Time Commitment:

The successful applicant will complete the internship by the middle of June 2020.



  • Develop/upgrade an online sign-up tool (website) that is user friendly
  • Create a user guide for how to operate and make changes to the website
  • Update all social media outlets related to the Target Hunger Event
  • Work together with the two foodbanks to ensure the website is functional and provides reports as needed
  • Communicate regularly with the Target Hunger Coordinators to ensure functionality of the sign-up tool



The successful applicant will be responsible to both Lethbridge Food Bank and Interfaith Food Bank Executive Directors, and can communicate via email or telephone. The intern will be expected to attend committee meetings and check in regularly to report on progress made or challenges faced.



In addition to the $1000 bursary provided by Interfaith Food Bank, the successful applicant will gain knowledge on web development and coding; developing maps that relate to certain neighborhoods, as such strengthening their attention to detail. They will be able to use this project as a sample of their work.



The potential intern has is able to credit their name on to the sign-up tool and will be noted on appropriate Target Hunger Press release.



Danielle McIntyre

Interfaith Food Bank Society of Lethbridge

1103 – 3rd Ave. North, Lethbridge AB  T1H 0H7

Phone:  403-320-8779    

Email:  info@interfaithfoodbank.ca