Co-op Community Kitchen

The new Co-op Community Kitchen at Interfaith Food Bank Society of Lethbridge was completed in 2018 as the second phase of the Building Possibilities renovation project. This new kitchen will supplement our existing programs that teach community members to prepare healthy foods on a limited budget. The kitchen is primarily used for food security initiatives, but the space was designed also to for multi-purposes, to accommodate the many community agencies looking for additional program space for larger groups.   Thanks to Co-op Community Spaces and multiple other funders, our community now as a community kitchen that can be accessed by community agencies, individuals and families.


There are three use types in the Co-op Community Kitchen:

  1. Food Security Initiatives

*       Are intended to promote food security, food safety and nutrition

*       Are offered free of charge to community members by community agencies or not for profit groups

*       Are directly related to food bank mission and mandate

*       May or may not be offered in partnership with Interfaith Food Bank

*       Should take place during food bank operational hours unless otherwise approved


  1. Community Programs or Events – food security not necessarily the main theme of activity (A fee may or may not apply)

*       May or may not involve food preparation

*       Are intended to promote community building, active healthy living, or to address poverty and/or community issues.

*       May or may not be offered in partnership with Interfaith Food Bank


  1. Private Uses ( Charges apply)

*       Are not open to the general public or community based

*       Are intended for profit making or promotion of a private initiative, commercial or political purpose

*       Are not offered in partnership with Interfaith Food Bank

*       Private uses will be booked only during times the kitchen is not in use for community programming