With expansion to our warehouse, Interfaith Food Bank is now able to process and store larger amounts of food.  We are building a network of food sharing agencies that can streamline food to where and when it is needed most throughout Lethbridge and Southern Alberta. The Food Share Program provides urban and rural communities, food banks, and agencies who serve those facing food insecurity access to food and resources.

How Much Food Was Distributed by Food Share in 2023?

Distributed by Interfaith Food Bank Food Share
$ 0
Distributed by Rural Food Share
0 lbs.
Distributed by Food Banks Alberta Food Hub
0 lbs.
Distributed by Urban Food Share
0 lbs.
Permanent Supportive Housing
0 lbs.

How Does Food Share Work?

“Gleaning” is the  action of rescuing food that is still consumable. Industry partners may have food which cannot be sold due to labeling errors, bent packaging, overstock items, or nearing-date perishables. Large pallets of food donations are able to be broken down into much more manageable quantities to be distributed. This process of gleaning viable food and redirecting it to support the community contributes to reducing overall food waste.

Food Banks Alberta Food Hub

Interfaith Food Bank is proud to support the National Food Share System in partnership with Food Banks Alberta. We distribute perishable and non-perishable donations to area food banks through our role as the Southern Alberta Food Hub. Large pallets of food donations are able to be broken down into much more manageable quantities to be distributed smaller food banks.

Interfaith Food Bank Supports 60 + Partner Agencies Through the Food Share Program

Urban Food Share

Due to Interfaith Food Banks warehouse capacity and expertise, food can be gleaned and shared with urban partner agencies who serve those facing food insecurity.

Rural Food Share

Similar to Urban Food share, food is gleaned to be shared with rural partner agencies. Additionally, we will deliver food to rural partner agencies that may face barriers in terms of accessing transportation. 

Permanent Supportive Housing

A partnership between Interfaith Food Bank and the Permanent Supportive Housing Consortium to provide cost effective food sourcing options for individuals in their programs. Permeant Supportive Housing is a combination of low-barrier, affordable housing and on site support services to help individuals and families lead more stable lives. 

Interfaith Food Bank acts as a food sourcing service for the programs which includes gleaning food, and purchasing what is not available. Additionally, Interfaith Food Bank houses an industrial kitchen that is available for community use for bulk food preparation. 

Want to Learn More About Food Share? Email - foodshare@interfaithfoodbank.ca