Learning to Eat Healthy, Budget-Friendly Meals.

It is our hope that these programs will help us offer community members a hand UP, and not just a hand-out.

To sign up for classes, simply call our Kitchen Coordinator at 403-320-8138.

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Take home the FOOD you make!

Bring your kids for snacks & activities too!

In 2005, we were pleased to announce the addition of The Interfaith Chinook Country Kitchen (TICCK), a program formed through a unique partnership with Family Centre. This community kitchen program provides free cooking sessions that are intended to teach healthy eating on a limited budget.  FREE two hour classes are offered Monday through Friday, guided by our Kitchen Coordinator.

An early childhood educator provides activities for children while parents cook in the kitchen.

In addition to these classes, kitchen staff provide information on nutrition, meal ideas and parenting tips as requested, as well as offer cooking programs for children. We also provide options to use our resources at your own facility in the form of mobile totes, and have workshops to train you how to facilitate our kitchen programs.  For more information or to book a class call our Kitchen Facilitator at 403-320-8138

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This interactive program allows preschool-aged children (3-6) and caregivers to work together to create delicious snacks, as well as nurture fledgling kitchen skills and encourage a healthy interest in nutrition. It is a program that engages the whole child. Click here for more information.

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This fun, interactive program will give caregivers and children the chance to cook together, while also allowing kids to gain independence in the kitchen, and provide nutrition education & parenting tips for caregivers. For children ages 7-11 with their caregivers. Click here for more information.


Food Explorers is a 7-week program where children attend free 2-hour classes on Friday afternoons to learn to prepare healthy meals and snacks, with an emphasis on food safety, kitchen safety, and meal planning. Each class includes nutrition education, cooking, and games and activities which prepare participants to recreate their healthy eating experiences at home. Children try new foods, prepare several different recipes and use their new knowledge and skills to prepare a celebratory meal for their family or community.

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Combining education and fun, participants at Young Chefs learn to read recipes, gain a greater knowledge of nutrition, use kitchen implements (even BBQs!), create tasty treats – and have fun with other kids their age! For children ages 11-14. Click here for more information.

Special Funding Provided in Part By:

2018+2019: Food Explorers Fund

For financial support to execute Food Explorers Cooking Club and equipment upgrades.

2017 Mission: Kitchen Fund

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For development of Shop Smart and Collective Kitchen Programs.

2014 Mission: Kitchen Fund

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For expansion of cooking programs and development of kitchen on-the-go programs.

2013 Community Kitchens Fund: Child & Youth Programming

RBC Foundation    canada_food_banks

To  expand existing Young Chefs and Big Chef Little Chef programs to include outdoor cooking, learning garden and to offer more classes.

2013 Feeding Families Fund

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For expansion of the Kids in the Kitchen program, including the offering of more sessions and development of marketing materials.