How We Can Help

Clients who possess a valid Client Card are eligible for the following services:

Food Hampers:
5-7 days of emergency food assistance. Households are eligible for one food hamper per calendar month.

Click here for a list of Culturally Sensitive Hamper Items

Daily Food Supplements:
Bread, produce, and shelf items available. Client households may come once daily (Monday-Friday), as required.

Pregnancy Increase:
Upsized hampers during this crucial development stage, until baby is one year old.

Baby Bundles:
These bundles include baby cereal and food, something soft & other necessities. Baby Bundles are given once monthly until the child’s first birthday. Things like diapers, formula, etc. are also available upon request.

Click here for a list of what goes into our Baby Bundles.

Birthday Bundles:
These include cake mix, icing & a gift (as available) for children 0-12. Clients must notify food bank staff and volunteers before the actual birth date.

Diabetic Bundles:
These bundles supplement a diabetic diet with low-sugar & high-fiber items.

Click here for a list of what goes into our Diabetic Bundles

After the Bell:
After the Bell is a food pack program that runs through the summer. We work with Food Banks Canada to create healthy food packs for school aged kids who often do not have the same access to school breakfast/lunch programs during the summer months.

Christmas Hampers:
These hampers provide additional supplies for a Christmas meal in December. We work with Christmas Hope organizations to make sure that every child in Lethbridge is able to get a gift for Christmas.

Recreation & Culture Fee Assistance Program:

The City of Lethbridge Fee Assistance Program is administered by the Recreation and Culture department. It is to provide Lethbridge residents with the opportunity to participate in Recreation and Culture programs and activities at a subsidized cost or at no cost (depending on the cost of the activity). Confidentiality will be maintained.

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Referrals to Community Services:

For services we do not offer, we provide referrals to connect individuals and families with other agencies that are able to.

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