Shop Smart & Community Kitchen

Thanks to funding through the 2017 Kitchen Creations Fund offered by Food Banks Canada and Unilever, Interfaith Food Bank is now offering Shop Smart and Collective Kitchen programs, free for community members.

SHOP SMART is a two hour workshop that teaches you how to get the best dollar value out of a grocery store shop.  This free 2-hour class focuses on learning how to Shop Smart to make your grocery shopping less stressful and more affordable.  The class includes label reading, information about core nutrients and family meal planning, and wraps up with a grocery store tour for a hands-on demonstration on how to make a shopping trip budget friendly.

Once participants have completed a Shop Smart session, they are eligible to attend Collective Kitchens programs.  In a Collective Kitchen, participants will plan a menu, grocery list, and prepare 5-7 days of meals together.  The food bank will provide some of the ingredients, and participants will share the cost of the rest.  Participants must contribute to food costs, but work together to design the menu and with the assistance of the Food Bank Basic Pantry items, the group can select recipes together that the group can afford.  By cooking collectively, participants will use skills gained in the Shop Smart session, and cook together to spend much less than they may have spent on groceries for the week otherwise!

For upcoming sessions and availability please contact please contact our Kitchen Facilitator at 403-320-8779 or

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