Our Helping Hands

Here at Interfaith Food Bank, we look for volunteers who have a passion for community and recognize the privilege it is to serve those in need. Our community focus includes not only the clients we serve, but also the volunteers who enable us to offer the services we do. We work hard to create an encouraging and enriching environment that our volunteers will want to keep coming back to and a team they can be proud to be a part of.

Please note that all volunteer positions involve some orientation and training. We also ask that volunteers be prepared to commit to 3-4 hour shifts and a long-term association with us. (Some exceptions may apply, i.e. community service or student volunteers.)

Client Intake

Duties include reception of clients, processing client orders, lifting and carrying food hampers, data entry, and other tasks as assigned.

The Second Door Thrift Store

The Second Door serves two purposes for the Food Bank. First, funds raised from The Second Door help to purchase food and to cover other operating expenses associated with the Food Bank. Second, The Second Door offers a service to the individuals and families of the community by providing second-hand items at reasonable prices. The Second Door volunteers are responsible to manage the store & sales transactions, stock shelves, and other duties as applicable.

Hamper Puller

Duties include lifting and carrying food hampers, selection and disposal of perishable foods no longer suitable for distribution, selection and arrangement of perishable foods to replace those disposed of, and general upkeep of the Client Intake area.

Office Administration/Receptionist/Data Entry

Volunteers assist with the reception of donors and visitors, photocopying, stuffing envelopes, answering phones, data entry organizing, assembling and other duties as required.


Volunteers assist with sorting and re-packaging food and other items, building food hampers, sweeping and washing floors & tables, and other general cleaning tasks. Volunteers are primarily responsible for one of the following positions: Repackaging, Sorter, or Warehouse.  Prior to holidays and fundraisers we have increased need for help in this area.


Volunteers assemble Diabetic Bundles, Goodie Bags, and Baby Bundles according to prearranged instructions. Volunteers also repackage bulk items for dispersal to clients.

Pick Room Set-Up

Volunteers are responsible for the setting up, stocking and cleaning of our client ‘pick’ area. As well, volunteers restock freezers and fridges used by Hamper Pullers to ensure the smooth operation of Client Intake when it opens. Shifts are usually 1.5 hrs – 2hrs long.


Volunteers help us in maintaining a clean working environment. Duties include and are not limited to sweeping, washing floors, dusting frames  and plaques.

Interfaith Learning Garden

Garden volunteers help with garden planting & maintenance. They may also volunteer to be a Garden Mentor, working with beginners to share their love and knowledge of gardening.

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Other Volunteer Opportunities

For those interested in a shorter or occasion-based commitment, there are other ways to be involved:

Casual volunteers assist with specific projects that are usually organized by outside groups for the benefit of the Food Bank. Most often our role in these projects is to facilitate the collection of donations, assist with promotions, and to provide volunteers for various shifts and duties. Casual volunteers are placed on a list and contacted to inquire about their availability for specific events.

We also offer limited placements for students needing credit hours and community members participating in the Fine Option program.